Japanese LASIK Center world’s largest single user of STATIMS

Just a short underground walk from the Tokyo metro’s Ginza Station lies a room full of STATIM 2000s pumping and steaming hundreds of surgical instruments to sterilization for the 60 surgeons who perform some 400 laser eye correction operations daily at the Shinagawa LASIK Centre.

Expansion called for more STATIMs
Shinagawa LASIK Centre is the largest client of White Medical, SciCan’s exclusive ophthalmology dealer in Japan. The clinic opened its doors in 2004 with a large order of STATIMs, and soon received a shipment of another 12 to accommodate the site’s expansion.

Clinic recognized for its exceptional safety
The Ginza locations is one of the company’s three clinics in Japan.  With another recently established in Singapore, Shinagawa is part  of an expanding LASIK eye surgery marketplace. It currently commands a significant 65% share of the total Japanese market in IntraLase LASIK procedures, and is recognized for its exceptional safety.

Shinagawa network performs 16,000 procedures a month
As testament to the caliber of surgical talent at its disposal, the clinics deliver 20/20 postoperative acuity in 98% of the 16,000 procedures they perform each month.

Highest number of LASIK procedures performed globally
At last count, the entire Shinagawa operation, which includes four Japanese clinics and one in Singapore, performed close to 640,000 operations, the highest number of these procedures performed in the world.

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