The hygienist’s autoclave

STATIM 900 benefits

  • 6 minute unwrapped cycle enables sterilization between patients
  • Engineered portability reduces load on a central sterilization area
  • Reduces the investment in expensive instruments
  • Increases longevity of instruments
  • Low maintenance required

Demonstrating STATIM’s same ultra-fast sterilization times, The STATIM 900 can be located directly in the procedure area – so instrument sets can be sterilized immediately before starting work.

Fully automatic, the STATIM 900 offers sterilization programs for solid, hollow or rubber and plastic instruments, all with a one-touch keypad. An advanced microprocessor controls all functions and maintains optimal sterilization conditions, from start to finish.

When the sterilization cycle is complete, the sealed drawer opens automatically, providing a fresh set of sterilized instruments ready for use.

Sterilization cycle description chart

Cycle Solids Handpieces Rubber/Plastic
Sterilization time 3.5 minutes 5 minutes 30 minutes
Sterilization temp. 132º C 132º C 121º C
Total cycle time 6 minutes 8 minutes 35 minutes


Unit size
L 15.1" x W 11.5" x H 11.1"
Drawer internal dimensions
L 7.5" x W 3.54" x H 2.1"
Reservoir capacity
3.0 litres / 0.79 gallons (distilled water) Approximately 40 cycles
Weight without water
29 lbs
Power consumption
110-120 V, 50/60Hz, 1300 W
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