Introducing the new generation of STATIM:
the STATIM G4 Series

SciCan has set the benchmark for sterilization and instrument reprocessing technology. For more than 20 years SciCan has been developing and manufacturing highly innovative infection control products that address the need for versatility, flexibility, and efficiency in today’s environments.

SciCan is proud to unveil the newest STATIM family member, the G4 series. The STATIM G4 series is the same renowned and trusted autoclave it has been for over 20 years but now boasts a new contemporary look, functionality and connectivity that is the first of its kind. The G4 technology will change the way you interact by providing a direct channel of communication through the Internet to increase productivity and limit downtime.

Still powered by SciCan’s signature steam technology to provide sterilization at speeds faster than conventional chambered autoclaves, the STATIM G4 series has been drastically upgraded with a level of interactivity not seen before.

New look
The STATIM G4 series has been modernized with a new fascia that is fresh and contemporary.

Color touch screen
A large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display of messages and current cycle information all with extraordinary clarity. The bubble level has been integrated into the high-resolution touchscreen.

Built-in data logger
Gone are the days of messy thermal paper, clumsy printers or potential failures with external data loggers. With increasing stringency amongst national guidelines, the STATIM G4 series now saves all the data from each cycle. This data can be copied onto the included USB drive, viewed on screen, or remotely stored in the Cloud via email.*

STATIM G4 technology
SciCan’s STATIM G4 series Technology offers a platform with endless possibilities. The product expansion and modes of communication will provide visibility from every facet, from usability to troubleshooting.

This is a very exciting time for SciCan, as we are embarking into new territory with cutting edge technology. SciCan has always demonstrated innovation and this is just another example of how we are setting new standards for infection control.

STATFlow, the only direct-to-drain system designed from the ground up for your STATIM 2000 and 5000 cassette autoclaves.

Over the last 20 years, the STATIM cassette autoclave is one of the quintessential innovations in sterilization technology and enjoys leadership in both the dental and ophthalmology markets in over 90 countries. Designed to sterilize in a fraction of the timecompared to traditional autoclaves, the STATIM reduced the quantity of expensive instruments needed.

To enhance the STATIM functionality, SciCan is proud to introduce the latest innovation to the STATIM brand: the STATFlow. The STATFlow is a direct-to-drain system whereby the STATIM is connected directly to the office or clinic plumbing. What this means is, rather than the STATIM unit draining into the external drainage bottle, the STATIM can now vent the used sterilization water directly down the main office drain.

There are many benefits of venting the STATIM unit directly down the drain, most notably saving time and increasing office efficiency. The STATFlow will save time, as a staff person will no longer be responsible for regularly emptying the bottle.

The STATFlow uses cold city water to cool the steam quickly and efficiently. The thermal sensor only activates when the system is in use, so water is only used when it’s needed. The built-in safety feature prevents the system from overheating and damaging office cabinetry.

STATIS: 2011 and 2012 Top Air-driven, High-speed Handpiece Award Winner!

In both 2011 and 2012, THE DENTAL ADVISOR awarded SciCan’s STATIS ML air-driven high-speed handpiece the Top Air-driven Handpiece! Upon completion of the clinical evaluation in 2011, the STATIS received a 5+ and a 96% clinical rating.

Consultants observed, “...routine procedures, including crown preparation were performed effi ciently without the handpieces slowing or stalling.” “The STATIS ML is the handpiece of choice for crown preparation, as it produces high torque with four-port water spray.” Consultants comments included, “I liked the weight, balance, and small head size,” and “...great all-around handpieces.”
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